Prices Vary, averaging  $125-200 depending on complexity and deadline of the project.


A non-refundable 50% deposit is required.

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Radioactive Marketing Management offers user-friendly guides to help writers learn how to master their own social media. These guides go into depth with a personalized Social Media Marketing plan that allows each writer to have guided control of their platform. This option was created for the writer who has the time and interest in building a social media platform, but needs a little help along the way.


What can we do for you?


  • Establish your own unique brand.


  • Teach you about your target market, your readers, and show you how to get followers that will be loyal to your brand.


  • Introduce you to tools that will allow you to manage your schedule in a way that benefits you and your audience.


  • Teach you how to create high-quality content with a high reach to potential followers.


  • Introduce systems such as Facebook and Twitter analytics and teach you to interpret them.


  • Teach you about the basics of website creation, Facebook Pages, professional Twitter pages, and more.


  • Answer any other questions about social media in depth.